Pense-t-on means`Is it thought'?

JanB1Kwiziq community member

Pense-t-on means`Is it thought'?

Pense-t-on que Caligula était fou?

This question relates to:French lesson "On = we, one, people"
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CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi Jan, 

If you take a look at the following lesson on the passive voice, using 'on' is one of the way to avoid  it...

When you don't know who 'on' refers to -

On dit qu'il est parti sans payer = it is said the he left without paying

On a trouvé une carte d'identité dans le jardin = An identity card has been found in the garden

Hope this helps!

ChrisC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

Yes, pense-t-on means "Does one think..."

It could also mean "Do we think" but the inverted form of the question, which is used primarily in a higher register of French, clashes with the more colloquial use of on meaning "we".

JanB1Kwiziq community member

So, to make a question, just inflect `On dit/peut dire que Caligula était fou? 

JanB1Kwiziq community member

Good point about mixed registers, thanks.

Pense-t-on means`Is it thought'?

Pense-t-on que Caligula était fou?

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