Qu'est-ce qui te plaît chez Anna ?

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5 February 2018

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Qu'est-ce qui te plaît chez Anna ?

The meaning provided in the example was: "What do you like about Anna?. I guess it should be "What do you like about Anna's (home)?

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5 February 2018


Actually, in this case it really means "about Anne" and not about Anne's home. The little word "chez" can also stand for "about" and "among" in some contexts.

Chez lui c'est une obsession. -- With him it's an obsession.

Chez les Français on parle français. -- Among the French one speaks French.

Just when you thought things were simple....


-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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6 February 2018


Thanks Chris.


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6 March 2018


ditto for me...any responses yet?

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