Question from the Writing Challenge that references "en"


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25 April 2016

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Question from the Writing Challenge that references "en"

This lesson is referenced in the Week 1, B1 writing challenge but it does not contain information on the use of "en" in the part where the speaker says he will see places in Paris "that I've only seen in photos." The answer uses "que je n'ai vues qu'en photos." Why is en needed there? Thanks.

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25 April 2016


Salut John ! In this case, "en" is just the preposition meaning "in", not the adverbial pronoun "en". We have "ne" + "que" = "only" and the "que" has contracted with "en" which is possibly what confused you? "en photo" means "in photographic form" / "in photos". Hope that helps!


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2 October 2017


What is the diffeence between en photo and sur le photo? Merci

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