Qui est-ce qui m'a traité?

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15 December 2017

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Qui est-ce qui m'a traité?

Who insulted me? Qui est-ce qui vous avez traité? Who insulted you? Traiter is new verb for me.

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15 December 2017


I would translate "Qui est-ce qui m'a traité" as "Who treated me." I am not familiar with traiter in the meaning of to insult.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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15 December 2017


Bonjour Donald and Chris !

Indeed, the verb "traiter" can be used to mean "to insult".

Here's where that comes from: the original sentence is: 
traiter [quelqu'un] de [quelque chose] = to call [someone] [something] 

but in speech, it's become common to imply the insult itself and to use "traiter" on its own, i.e. to call [someone], meaning to insult [someone].

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !

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