request more clarification on idiomatic example phrase

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17 February 2019

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request more clarification on idiomatic example phrase

This is a sample sentence from this lesson: 

J'ai de plus en plus de mal à me concentrer.

I understand the more and more part.  As a student, without the translation, I would not have come up with I'm struggling more and more to focus.   I was seeing this as ... I have (more and more) pain myself to concentrate.  Is there a lesson on avoir mal a that talks about struggling?  If so J'ai de plus en plus de mal avec cette example! :)

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18 February 2019


Hi Robin, 

I understand your frustation, as 'avoir mal à' and 'avoir du mal à' sound very similar but have very different meanings -

The expression is:

Avoir du mal à faire quelque chose To have difficulty in doing something


Docteur! j'ai du mal à respirer = Doctor! I have difficulty breathing


Docteur! J'ai mal au genou Doctor! My knee hurts

Bonne continuation!






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18 February 2019


Thank you very much for this excellent explanation!


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1 March 2019


Yes du mal = struggling to

J’ai du mal à comprendre 

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