s'attendre à


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14 September 2016

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s'attendre à

I feel like I will never get this. You wrote "Note that s'attendre à is usually used for negative expectations (i.e., I expect something bad)" but then "You're expecting some happy news" is "Tu t'attends à de bonnes nouvelles." Happy news is neither negative or bad.

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French lesson "Attendre quelqu'un vs s'attendre à quelque chose = to wait vs to expect"


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27 November 2016


It is very tricky. Why not try to think of s'attendre à as "to forecast" or "to predict" or "to foresee"? This may help you to understand "Tu t'attends à de bonnes nouvelles" in the sense of foreseeing some good news, which is not a negative feeling, but one of exciting expectation. The lesson states that s'attendre à is "usually negative" therefore implying not always.

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