Salut t'as l'air "sympa" toi.

Salut t'as l'air "sympa" toi.

Salut t'as l'air "sympa" toi. Hi. What is the meaning of this phrase. Especially the end toi.I know the actual french translation but this seems a bit colloquial.
Asked 8 years ago
AurélieKwiziq language super star
Bonjour Michael ! Well, the literal translation would be "Hey! You look/seem/sound nice you!". "T'as" is the transcription of the oral contraction of "tu as", which is not really supposed to be used in writing. As for the use of "toi", it's a figure of emphasis as it repeats "tu" used in speech. I hope that answers your question! À bientôt !
Thanks Auriele, that was a post on face book from a french friend. I thought it might be a bit 'laissez faire' or informal being a native Lyon speaker.

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