The color brown

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The color brown

When do we use marron or brun for the color brown? 

Asked 3 years ago
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 Bonjour Malini,

Paul and Kathleen are making excellent points here. 

Brun = skin / hair / fur - Marron = all the rest (more or less)

In French, you can say: un chien (de couleur) marron = a brown dog (as it refers to the colour ‘marron’ rather than the fur)


If you are specifically referring to fur / skin, you will say something as follows:

Cet animal a une fourrure brune this animal has brown fur

un chien à la fourrure brune = a brown fur dog (as it refers to fur)

une tâche brune sur ta jambe a brown spot on your leg (as it refers to the skin)


Exception: la bière brune stout


I hope this is helpful.

Bonne journée!

LisaA1Kwiziq community member

I had this question also

KathleenA2Kwiziq community member

So did I, then someone mentioned reading the lesson.  I did, and found the answer - "brun" for hair, skin and fur, "marron" for everything else?  But the lesson also has brown dogs and mice that are "marron", so I'm not sure.

PaulC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

Interesting question. They are essentially different shades of brown. When I looked it up I found that « brun » is quite dark brown. Hair can be « brun » if dark brown or « châtain » if light brown. Eyes are usually « marron » but can be « noisette » (hazel). And as an interesting point, in France most brown things are usually referred to as « marron » but in Canada they apparently just say «  brun » for almost everything brown. 

The color brown

When do we use marron or brun for the color brown? 

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