The pronounciation

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18 November 2017

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The pronounciation

Je sais and Tu hais have different pronounciatons. Je is more eh, while Tu is ay. Is this on purpose and if so, why?

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18 November 2017


Bonsoir Daba, I am usure which lesson you are studying as «Je sais» is with the verb savoir and «Tu hais» is a conjugation of «haïr». Actually, the pronunciation is quite accurate: Tu hais ---> sounds like tu ay because the «h» muet or aspiré Here is a video explaining muet or aspiré The verb «haïr» begins with an «h aspiré» which accounts for a lack of liaision with «je» and the lack of a contraction in the written form «Je hais», NOT j'hais which is incorrect. This is the very probable reason that you are hearing a different pronunciation. Bonne chance. Ron


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19 November 2017


Sorry Ron. I meant je hais not je sais.


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10 April 2018


Hi Daba,

Je hais and Tu hais have the same pronunciation.

Hope this helps!

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