Weekend writing challenge: Level B1 "With the summer approaching"


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21 May 2017

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Weekend writing challenge: Level B1 "With the summer approaching"

Bonjour! Below is a sentence from the B1 weekend writing challenge, with the correct answer following: I tell myself that it might be time to go back to the gym! Hint: Use Le Conditionnel Je me dis qu'il serait temps de retourner a la gym My question is: where is the word "might" in this French translation, please? I was thinking of either using the subjunctive to cast doubt on the action, or including the word "peut-etre"... Why just write the conditional of etre? .. "would be", to mean "might", please? Cheryl


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23 May 2017


Bonjour Cheryl ! To express "might/may" - that-is-to-say a nuance of probability/doubt - in French, you will use Le Conditionnel as we don't have an equivalent word. This is how we'd express uncertainty in French. I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !


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24 May 2017


Wow! I didn't know that! .. thank you. Cheryl

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