Why is it "Certain" rather than "Some"?


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22 March 2017

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Why is it "Certain" rather than "Some"?

I'm a little confused. In the lesson above it said "Before the noun, certain/certaine means 'some' or 'particular': it retains a vagueness here. After the noun, the meaning of certain is similar to the English one of being 'sure, certain, unquestionable'." Yet in the example "Certain projets sont faciles" means "Certain projects are easy." Why is it "Certain" and not "Some"? Many thanks Catherine

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22 March 2017


Hi Catherine - because in this context "certain" has the same meaning as "some", so either word is appropriate. It's not about which word to use, but which *meaning* we are conveying: certainty versus a vague quantity/specificity. Does that make sense?

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