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French Singular

In grammar, the word singular denotes a quantity of one, in contrast with plural, which means more than one. For example:

  • un livre - one book or a book  
    (the word livre is singular, it is a singular noun)
  • la montre - the watch  
    (montre is also a singular noun)
The terms singular and plural are values of the grammatical category of number. Number affects nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs. Here are some simple examples of singular pronouns, adjectives and verbs:
  • Elle parle. - She speaks.  
    (Elle is a singular pronoun and parle is a singular verb.)
  • Cette femme a pris mon magazine. - That woman took my magazine.  
    (Cette is a singular demonstrative adjective, a pris is a singular verb, mon is a singular possessive adjective and femme and magazine are singular nouns.)
  • Ce n'était qu'un mauvais rêve. - It was only a bad dream.
    (Était is a singular verb, mauvais is a singular adjective and rêve is a singular noun.
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