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Verbes avec -OIR

French Verbs with -OIR

There are some French Verbs that end in -OIR. These verbs are known as "-oir verbs".

Some of these verbs conjugate in a typical and therefore "regular" pattern, in fact those ending in -CEVOIR.

e.g. recevoir  -> je reçois 

Here's a list of common -CEVOIR verbs:

recevoir to receive
apercevoir to notice
concevoir to imagine, conceive
percevoir to perceive
décevoir to disappoint, to deceive

However, many of them conjugate in their own way, so are irregular.

Many of the irregular verbs ending in -OIR do not make much sense initially.
For example, in Le Présent, some singular forms end in "-x" and others end in "-s".
They tend to be some of the most widely used verbs in French, so, with practice, you will get used to them. 

Typical verbs that belong to this group and which are irregular are:

voir to see
s'asseoir to sit
savoir to know
pouvoir to be able to, can
vouloir to want
devoir to have to, must
mouvoir  to move
émouvoir to touch, to move
pleuvoir to rain


Let me take a look at that...