Conjugate lire in Le Présent (present tense)

The verb "lire" (to read) is irregular in Le Présent tense in French:


je lis I read
tu lis You read(one person you know well)
il/elle/on lit He/She/We/one/people read
nous lisons We read
vous lisez You read(more than 1 person or formal)
ils/elles lisent They read

Other verbs that follow the same conjugation:

élire (to elect)

relire (to reread)


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Examples and resources

Je lis mon livre préféré.
I read my favourite book.

Je relis mes leçons tous les soirs.
I reread my lessons every night.

Ils lisent les journaux.
They read the newspapers.

Tu élis ton député?
Are you electing your deputy?

Nous lisons avec notre maman.
We are reading with our mum.

Il lit tous les soirs.
He reads every night.


Nous élisons notre président aujourd'hui.
We elect our president today.



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21 June 2018

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22 June 2018


Do you have a specific question Simon ?


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17 April 2018

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It's like contredire in the present tense.

Couldn't help but notice, but lire is a lot like contredire, interdire, predire in the present conjugation. " contredis contredit contredisons contredisez contredisent. " " lis lit lisons lisez lisent. " Maybe this page should mention that as a fun fact, I know it makes remembering how to conjugate different categories of irregular verbs easier when I know that they're conjugated the same way as each other.


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18 April 2018


Yes, that could be helpful. Also, it is interesting that contredire and dire differ in 2nd person plural present tense:

vous contredisez vs. vous dites

Chris (not a native speaker).


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18 April 2018


Hi Crystalmaiden,

Although the verbs 'contredire' and 'lire' might look to be similar in the present tense, when you get to the passé composé they will differ as the past participle of 'dire' and all its derivatives like 'contredire', ends in 'it' , however the past participle of 'lire' is 'lu' so they could not be put together .

Hope this helps!


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22 April 2018


I know, but it could still be helpful to mention on the page dedicated only to Present Tense that lire and contredire are practically the same thing in Present Tense, it'd be immensely helpful to new learners.