Conjugate reflexive verb s'amuser in Le Présent (present tense)

In Le Présent tense, the 'se' part of a reflexive verb changes according to the je/tu/il/nous/vous/ils part 

Note: when the verb begins with a vowel or a silent 'h'me/te/se become m'/t'/s'

S'AMUSER (to have fun)

je m'amuse I have fun
tu t'amuses you have fun (singular-familiar form)
il/elle/on s'amuse he/she/we/one/people have fun
nous nous amusons we have fun
vous vous amusez you have fun (plural/formal)
ils/elles s'amusent They have fun

 In grammar jargon: the reflexive pronoun in a reflexive verb agrees with the subject.

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Examples and resources

Ils s'amusent avec leurs jouets.
They have fun with their toys.

Nous nous amusons au parc.
We are having fun at the park.

Je m'amuse beaucoup avec toi.
I have a lot of fun with you.

Tu t'amuses?
Are you having fun?



Kwiziq community member

23 October 2016

4 replies

How do I say ' I enjoyed myself very much'.


Kwiziq community member

23 October 2016


I think it can be said in conversational past tense : .


Kwiziq community member

23 October 2016


je me suis amusé beaucoup


Kwiziq community member

4 October 2017


C'était très amusant. j'ai aimé ça. Can't find a verb for 'enjoy' so the verb 'amuser' seems to be the best option.


Kwiziq language super star

26 December 2018


Je me suis bien amusé (e)

Let me take a look at that...