Conjugate semi-regular -cer verbs in Le Présent (present tense)

In French, to preserve the soft 'c' in front of vowels 'a/o/u', we use 'ç'.

This rule applies to verbs ending in -cer when they are conjugated.

In Le Présent tense, it only affects the "nous" conjugation, because of the ending "-ons":

LANCER  (to throw) in Le Présent (-CER)

je lance I throw
tu lances You throw (one person you know well)
il/elle/on lance He/She/We/one/people throw
nous lançons We throw
vous lancez You throw (more than 1 person or formal)
ils/elles lancent They throw

Similarly conjugated verbs

lancer (to throw)
commencer (to begin)
prononcer (to pronounce)
placer (to place)
menacer (to threaten)

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Examples and resources

Nous lançons la balle.
We're throwing the ball.

Nous commençons à apprendre le français.
We begin to learn French.

Je te menace.
I threaten you.


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