The DALF C2 Exam

What to expect

The DALF C2 level represents mastery of the language, defined by the Common European Framework for Languages as “the degree of precision, adequacy and ease with the language found in the speech of those who have studied to a high level”.  It is not intended to indicate the exact same degree of competence as that of a native speaker; however, the examination involves academically or cognitively exacting tasks, requiring abilities of a very high standard. This is the level someone working professionally as a linguist would need to attain.

DALF C2 Test Sections


Mark out of

Listening and Speaking
Three-part test: 
    - write-up the contents of a recording (played twice) 
    - personal development based on the problem given in the recording 
    - debate with the examiners
Candidates can choose between two fields: humanities and social studies, science

30 mins
preparation time: 1 h

/ 50

Written Comprehension and Production
Writing a structured text (article, editorial, report, speech etc) based on several documents totalling approximately 2,000 words. 
Candidates can choose between two fields: humanities and social studies, and science

3 h 30

/ 50

Exam duration : 3 hours 30

* Total mark out of 100
* Overall pass mark: 50/100
* Pass mark per test: 5/25

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Listen to sample recordings for DALF C2 listening section to get an idea of the difficulty of each level and the sort of situations presented. Or

download a sample paper for DALF C2 here.  

Be sure to read over our detailed DALF C2 tips.

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