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The DELF B1 Exam

What to expect

DELF B1 tests whether you're competent enough to communicate independently. You'll be asked to show you can maintain interaction: that you can understand a conversation, have a discussion and give your opinion. You'll need to show you're capable of dealing with situations, likely to arise in daily life.

DELF B1 Test Sections


Mark out of

Comprehension questionnaires dealing with three recordings (played twice).
Maximum duration of recordings: 6 mins

25 minutes


Comprehension questionnaires dealing with two written documents: 
    - extract useful information concerning a particular task 
    - analyse the contents of a document of general interest

45 mins


Express personal opinions on a general topic (essay, letter, article etc).

45 mins


Test in three parts: 
    - guided conversation 
    - interactive exercise 
    - expressing an opinion on a document designed to elicit a reaction

15 minutes prep then 10 mins


Exam duration (not counting the oral) : 1 hour 55 minutes

* Total mark out of 100
* Overall pass mark: 50/100
* Pass mark per test: 5/25

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Listen to sample recordings for DELF B1 listening section to get an idea of the difficulty of each level and the sort of situations presented.

You can download a sample paper for DELF B1 here, and be sure to read over our detailed DELF B1 tips.