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Joost's achievements

"If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful after all."

CEFR level progress

Bronze, silver and gold shields earned for each CEFR level.

A0 99.88%
A1 99.92%
A2 99.79%
B1 99.76%
B2 99.40%
C1 100.00%

Foundation awards

Level foundation trophies earned for mastering foundations.


for achieving bronze in level A1 and silver in level A0


for achieving bronze in level A2, silver in level A1 and gold in level A0


for achieving bronze in level B1, silver in level A2 and gold in level A1


for achieving bronze in level B2, silver in level B1 and gold in level A2


for achieving bronze in level C1, silver in level B2 and gold in level B1

full house

for achieving gold shields in all levels



Bronze, silver and gold stars earned for grammar topics.


Keep up the good work! The awards below show how far you have come. Keep them coming!

Clever stuff happening!