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French Vocabulary and Grammar Lists

French vocabulary lists by theme and level

Increase your French vocabulary and master your grammar lessons with our ever-growing collection of French vocabulary and grammar-themed lists for every CEFR level from A0 to C1! To find out your current French level, consider taking our free French level test.

Access more than 200 French vocabulary and grammar lists, with not just English translations, but also with audio files to help you perfect your pronunciation.

French Vocabulary and grammar list

Between synonyms, jargon, neologisms and idiomatic expressions, learning all the vocabulary you need can seem overwhelming. But our French vocabulary and grammar lists are a great way to increase the number of words you know.

Complement your French vocabulary and grammar practice with our readingwriting and listening exercises to really help you learn about the context and nuances that native French-speakers use.

Grammar and Vocab themes by level

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