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5 Artistes Noirs Francophones à (Re)découvrir

To celebrate the exceptional richness of the Francophone artistic universe, Céline presents 5 amazing contemporary artists from the Francophonie: singers Aya Nakamura and Yseult, fashion designer Adama Ndiaye, painter Chéri Samba and author Véronique Tadjo. Enjoy (re)discovering these great talents in the article below.

After listening to the audio, click any word for the English translation and links to related grammar lessons.

Note: The tenses in this French article and its English translation don't match! In French, we use the present tense to describe historical stories like this to evoke a sense of immediacy, whereas in English, we commonly use the past tense - learn more about historical French tenses.


Aya Nakamura:

Adama Ndiaye:


Chéri Samba:

Véronique Tadjo:



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