A mistake in the lesson?

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4 November 2018

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A mistake in the lesson?

In the lesson it states: "A rarer occurence is when ainsi que is followed by a conjugated verb (in the Indicative) to express (just) as", however, the example uses the Imparfait:

"Tout se passe ainsi que je l'avais prévu."

There would seem to be a mismatch here ... could you please shed some light on this?

regards, Scott

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5 November 2018


Hi Scott,

If I have understood your question correctly:

avais prévu is actually the pluperfect of prévoir which is one of the many tenses of the indicative mood.

If you look at the following lesson it will show you all the tenses which belong to that mood.


Hope this helps!


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6 November 2018



thanks for your answer! I was confusing mood with tense ... sorry!

regards, Scott

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