Adjectives after c'est are masculine


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12 July 2017

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Adjectives after c'est are masculine

Yet the examples state: "C'est une jolie robe," and "C'est une bonne nageuse." Why is the feminine used here?

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13 July 2017


Bonjour Tamani, When c'est is followed only by an adjective, it's masculine: C'est joli, C'est bon, C'est intéressant. When it's followed by a noun and adjective, as in your examples, the adjective follows the normal rules of agreement.


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14 July 2017


Thanks to your question Tamani, I've now updated the related lesson to remove any ambiguity :) Merci et à bientôt !


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15 July 2017


I'm glad I've made an impact! Merci!


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3 November 2017


Hi Aurèlie, what did you change in the lesson because after reading it several times I still had the same question as Tamani, although your response did answer my question. Thanks

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