Avoir + Transitive & Etre + Intransitive


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25 September 2016

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Avoir + Transitive & Etre + Intransitive

So in general, when a verb is both transitive and intransitive, we should use avoir with the transitive version, and when applicable, use etre with the intransitive version?

This relates to:
Monter can be used with avoir or être in Le Passé Composé... and changes meaning -


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25 September 2016


Bonjour Ha !

No, this is not a general rule at all: this only applies to a handful of (+être) verbs in compound tenses.
The great majority of verbs will take "avoir" and only "avoir", and another small group (plus reflexive verbs) will take "être" and only "être".

The versatile verbs that can use either "être" or "avoir" are now listed at the end of this lesson.

I hope that's helpful!


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12 October 2016


Aurélie, thanks for responding to my question and for listing the versatile verbs. I've added them to a separate notebook so I can test myself on this topic again in the future.

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