Bonjour Aurélie,


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15 April 2017

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Bonjour Aurélie,

How can I make Negative of double object pronoun in present and passé composé ?? Glad to have your reply. Rgds/ Mohammad Shibly

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18 April 2017


Bonjour Mohammad ! You have to remember that double object pronouns will never be separated. As for their position in the sentence, the same rule applies as with single object pronouns: - With simple tenses: Subject + (ne) + ObPronoun + Verb + (pas) "Je ne *la lui* donne pas." - With conjugated verb + infinitive: Subject + (ne) + Conj Verb + (pas) + ObPronoun + Infinitive "Je ne vais pas *la lui* donner." - With compound tenses: Subject + (ne) + ObPronoun + Auxiliary Verb (être or avoir) + (pas) + Past Participle "Je ne *la lui* ai pas donné." I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !


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4 August 2017


what a great answer it was so helpful for me too.

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