C'est qui que?

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24 August 2017

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C'est qui que?

So I was just listening to Monsieur Grognon in the listening exercise and then I read the transcript. In the second paragraphe there is this phrase: «D’ailleurs, il n’a pas eu de conversation avec qui que ce soit depuis des années. . . .» I recalled from the lesson above that the «c'est qui que» is grammatically incorrect. So, exactly how frequent is this phrase used in everyday French? Merci en avance.

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25 August 2017


Bonjour Ron !

Actually here the phrase is qui que ce soit, which literally means "who[m] who might be" and is used in the sense of any/no body whatsoever :)

You can also use quoi que ce soit = any/no thing whatsoever

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !


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26 August 2017


Ah. I see the difference. I am familiar with quoi que ce soit, but have never run across, in my readings, qui que ce soit. Merci, Aurélie. J'ai appris quelque chose nouvelle. Bonne journée.

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