Can you please give an example of when to use the reflexive version?

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10 November 2018

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Can you please give an example of when to use the reflexive version?

"j'ai aperçu" versus "je me suis aperçu"

Is it the difference in just passively "seeing" something and actively "noticing" or what else??

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11 November 2018


Hi Donovan,

Apercervoir means to notice, to see, to spot ...

Apercevoir is a physical thing associated with sight.

S'apercevoir means to realise,  to discover, to notice something , it is a mental activity.


J'ai cru l'apercevoir au loin I thought I saw him in the distance

J'ai aperçu un rat dans mon jardin = I spotted a rat in my garden


Je me suis aperçu/e qu'il me l'avait déjà donné I realised that he had given it to me already

Elles se sont aperçues des erreurs qu'elles avaient commisesThey realised the mistakes they had made

Hope this helps!


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11 November 2018



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