Imperative construction

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10 November 2018

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Imperative construction

One of the test answers is "Rappelle-moi de tout cacher," but I don't see that construction here in the lesson. Since that is probably the most common way I use the word "remind", it would be nice to see how it fits in with the others on this page. 

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French lesson "Rappeler (à quelqu'un) = to remind (someone)"


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20 November 2018


Good point Donovan!

Rappelez-moi de répondre à vos questions = Remind me to answer your questions

Rappelle-nous d'aller chercher les enfants à  l'école = Remind us to pick up the kids from school

Rappelons-nous que notre objectif est une réconciliation = Let's remind ourselves that our aim is a reconciliation

Hope this helps!

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