de l'argent ou d'argent?

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23 July 2018

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de l'argent ou d'argent?

what's the differnece between de l'argent ou d'argent?

and how to use them? thank you!

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24 July 2018


Hi Xuan,

In the lesson de l'argent can mean 'some' or 'any'. e.g.

J'ai de l'argent à te donner =I have some money to give you

Vous avez de l'argent en Euros? Do you have any money in Euros?

In what context have you seen 'd'argent'?

Normally when argent means 'silver' , we will use 'en',

i.e. Elle a un beau collier en argent= She had a pretty silver necklace.

Hope this helps!



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24 July 2018


Or in J'ai peu d'argent.-- I have little money.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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25 July 2018


Hi Cécile!

thanks for your reply! it's helpful for me.

somme d'argent

jeux d'argent

they are from google translation. 

thanks again!


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26 July 2018


Of course as in,

beaucoup d'argent ( a lot of money)pas d'argent (no money)

Not particular to 'argent' ...


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3 December 2018


Hola me llamo pedro y quiero saber como se dice "fea" en frances 

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