Going up a level

Going up a level

Hi, how do I progress from an A2 to a B1? Obviously I will be doing lots of the quizzes and working hard. Thanks, Celine
Asked 2 years ago
GruffKwiziq language super star
Salut Celine,

Check the answer here:

(BTW did you mean level, rather than "language" in the question title?)
Hi Gruff (that's a funny name for an Irish person to hear)' Thanks for the speedy reply. Yes, I meant level. That explains why all my study plan tests are A2. I have been doing B1, B2 tests but obviously not enough to have an effect on my study plan. I shall keep trying. Celine
Bonjour Celine, I have taken the DELF B1 and had success; however, I noticed that the "test my level" exam ranked me at B1 even though I currently am preparing for the B2, hopefully sometime before the end of the year. I would like to do the B2 quizzes like Gruff indicated; however, I am constantly amazed by the grammar topics in B1 that I read and study here that I fully realize I have not mastered and some I have not even covered in class yet, so to that end, I am appreciative for the drill-down on the level B1. I know that going forward that I, like yourself Celine, want to move up to the next level. It just takes time, patience and a lot of study. Bonne chance ! Mes meilleures salutations,
hi celine my advice now having finished all the Kwiziq French levels. is to read your study plan each time before taking the test of ten questions. If there is a topic you are unsure of click the subject, read and make notes, sometimes examples in the explanations come up in the ten question tests, Do the little tests at the end of the explanation if it is a topic that you are less sure about or if you want to boost your percentage in that topic. If you do a microkwiz the suggested study plan will alter. By reading the study plan each time I eventually was able to get the diamond shield in all levels, The tests are sufficiently taxing that by the time you reach the diamond you really know the grammar behind it, even if you make a typo now and again, also it is really worth working on the levels below your assessed level. there are always things there that you didn't know before. by doing that you become used to the way the programme works with out the french being extremely difficult at the same time. Bonne continuation!
GruffKwiziq language super star
Felicitations Sue ! C'est impressionnant !
Thanks a mil Ron, That's encouraging, as I am B1 but Kwiziq French assessed me as A2, my pride was hurt! I have just completed the free trial week and I am going to join. You are right, there are still things popping up that I'm not 100%sure of so its worthwhile doing the A1/2 tests too. C
Wow Sue, that's pretty impressive to have completed all the Levels. You must have worked very hard. I wonder what level you were when you started and your speaking proficiency, as to now? Would you say you are practically fluent? My problem is that I have good understanding of the written french, and I have a good accent, but speaking is a whole different ball game as I cannot seem to be able to get my brain to filter all the info and then get it to my mouth. Je voudrais avant de mourir que je pourrais parler couramment le Français
I think it assessed me at B1 I am not sure now either that or A2 but I started at AO and when I got to gold I did A1 then when gold in A1 I moved to A2 then I was a little brave and did parts of B1 and B2 at the same time. I just pressed the test now button to move levels. However if you do that ie press the test now button the questions can be from any topic in the level, After starting a level I would advise working from the study plan, reading and doing the microquizes before testing your knowledge for the given study plan. It took me 2000 quizes to get the diamond shield in all levels. At first it was really frustrating. On the things I thought I knew I rushed and didn't fully notice that I was typing a word that already followed the input box. which gave a reduction on percentage. you are better than me . I have great comprehension- well most of the time but an appaling accent. I don't think you can ever become really fluent- not after a certain age, but it just gets less difficult. Kwiziq French is the best I have found for grammar basics and is well worth the subscription. Memrise is free and brillant for vocab, but not grammar. Duolingo can be fun and frustrating but is free and can help excercise the brain in all sorts of topic, ie topic specific vocab and usage. hope this helps
Thanks Sue, ive just signed up for a 3 month subscription. I love it so far. C

Going up a level

Hi, how do I progress from an A2 to a B1? Obviously I will be doing lots of the quizzes and working hard. Thanks, Celine

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