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Hi, "I earn a thousand euros a month"

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9 July 2017

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Hi, "I earn a thousand euros a month"

what will be the translation - should I use Un millions Euros or or Million Euros

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Kwiziq language super star

9 July 2017


Bonjour Anish,

A thousand euros = mille euros.

A million euros = un million d'euros.


Kwiziq community member

10 July 2017


Thank you Laura. The test answered me wrong when I answered "Mille Euros" for one thousand euros; the correct answer was "Un mille d´Euros".
There is a mistake in the my question- i used million instead of mille.



Kwiziq language super star

14 July 2017


Bonjour Anish !

Actually there would be two possibilities here:
un millier d'euros (which was the option in that question)
mille euros (more colloquial)

I've now edited the question to accept mille as an alternate correct answer, which was an oversight on our part.

Merci et bonne journée !

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