Hi if de changes to du,de la des ... Why is it "J'ai envie de chocolat"

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13 August 2017

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Hi if de changes to du,de la des ... Why is it "J'ai envie de chocolat"

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French lesson "Avoir envie de = To feel like, want to"


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14 August 2017


Bonsoir Alison, I think the answer lies in the fact that «avoir envie de» is a fixed expression. In reviewing the lesson, all of the phrases construct similarly regardless of what is desired be it a masculine or feminine noun. Bonne chance.


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23 August 2017


Bonjour Alison !

In the case of fixed expressions such as "avoir envie de", you're literally saying "I have envy of [something]".
Using du, de la, de l' or des would add the definite article (de + le, la, l', les) and would be used to be more specific = I have envy of the [thing] (that I mentionned previously).

J'ai envie de chocolat.
I feel like chocolate.
J'ai envie du chocolat que tu m'avais offert pour mon anniversaire.
I feel like the chocolate you'd given me for my birthday. 

I hope that's helpful!
À bientôt !

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