How do we know when "de" refers to "from" or partitive article "some"?

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9 January 2019

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How do we know when "de" refers to "from" or partitive article "some"?

For example: "Marie achète du café"

Le café is a location and a drink.

Couldn't this sentence means both "Marie buys a coffee" and "Marie buys from the cafe"?

How do we know when "de" refers to "from" and when it refers to "some"?

Thank you!

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10 January 2019


Hi C,

‘Marie prend un café au Café ‘ would be ‘Marie is having  a coffee in a Café.’

The use of ‘acheter’ can only mean she is a shop and buying some coffee.


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31 March 2019


Think of what makes more sense in the context you, the exam, or the person you are talking with uses it. 

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