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how will i know if it is a mute e

Maria S.A1Kwiziq community member

how will i know if it is a mute e

Asked 7 years ago
LauraKwiziq team memberCorrect answer
Bonjour Maria,

An unaccented e at the end of a word is always mute.
Peri U.A1Kwiziq community member

It is not the order in which the adjective appears but the gender being used. If the gender of the noun is masculine, the adjective will be masculine and may end with an "e".  If the adjective already ends in an "e" you keep the "e "and do not add another one." The question is one of gender & spelling, not depending upon sentence placement.

Peri U.A1Kwiziq community member

The final "e" is always silent unless it has an accent placed upon it.

how will i know if it is a mute e

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