In your example of the tu form of appeler, is that correct?

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19 June 2018

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In your example of the tu form of appeler, is that correct?


tu appelles   Shouldn't this be (t'appelles)? If not, why?

il/elle/on appelle

nous appelons

vous appelez

ils/elles appellent

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20 June 2018


Hi Lisa,

no, "tu appelles" is correct. There is no elision between the letters u and a. Almost all elisions happen between a preceding e and the following vowel. For a more encompassing list of possibilities look here:

-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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21 June 2018


Hi Lisa,

Are you confusing "Tu t'appelles" which is the verb 's'appeler' (to be called/named) with the verb 'appeler' in the lesson which simply means 'to call'.


"Tu appelles ta mère ce soir sans faute, d'accord?" (You are calling your mother tonight without fail, okay?)

"Tu t'appelles Marie, n'est-ce -pas?" (Your name is Marie, isnt' it ? ")

Hope this helps!

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