Moufle or moutaine

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Moufle or moutaine

‘Moutaine’ is the word for ‘mitten’ on Google Translate. Why is ‘moufle’ the correct answer here?

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Asked 2 years ago
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Hi Ariana,

Just to add to Maarten's excellent answer, I found this page with pictures

Hope this helps!


JimC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

Hi Ariana,

I personally don't rate Google as a reliable source. It is useful, but not foolproof.

I recommend "WordReference" which I have used for many years and the Forum is excellent.

Try here for an answer to your query

Other contributors may not agree with me, but I'm offering my personal experience.

Hope it helps.


MaartenC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

Larousse fais ‘la moufle’ for mitten with fingers joined and ‘la mitaine’ for a fingerless glove/mitten or boxing glove. Either could be “correct” depending on context, and if unspecified, both should probably be accepted for ‘mitten’ but it seems they are not fully interchangeable in French. 100 % agree with Jim that google/deepl and translation sites generally are not great for individual words, and often not for translation of phrases either. At least with wordreference, it is often shown whether a word is metropolitan French, from Canada or occasionally another francophone country, familiar, slang or otherwise. Wordreference is also a good site for first checking of many fixed expressions. Good reference French and bilingual dictionaries are available free on line.

Moufle or moutaine

‘Moutaine’ is the word for ‘mitten’ on Google Translate. Why is ‘moufle’ the correct answer here?

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