Part vs partie?

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10 January 2019

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Part vs partie?

Quelle est la différence?

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11 January 2019


That's a difficult one. There definitely is a difference and there are phrases where you can use only one but not the other. They translate as the same word in English, though, which makes them difficult to ceem them apart (pun intended;)

Maybe la part is more of a share of something. Whereas la partie is a part of something.


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12 January 2019


Hi Ann and Chris, 

‘Une part de’ means ‘a share/ slice of something’ ...

You might buy/eat/want -

Une part de gateau

Une part de galette 

Une part de Brie

Or you mights wish for ‘une part de bonheur’ which is your slice of happiness!

So, as you can see from those examples it represents the idea of a cake-like shape which can be shared out in triangular pieces.

Hope this helps!

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