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11 November 2016

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I don''t see the use of these pronouns but have come across them elsewhere. Do they serve as indefinite pronouns? In which contexts might they be used? Perhaps a lesson on these?


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16 November 2016


Bonjour D. ! Indeed "quelques-un(e)s" mean "a few (of them)", literally "a few ones". There are indeed indefinite pronouns, and you can use them as such: "Parmi les gens présents, quelques-uns détournaient le regard." (Amongst the people there, a few were looking away.) "Des fleurs dans le vase, quelques-unes étaient déjà fânées." (Of the flowers in the vase, a few had already wiltered.) - Note that "un(e)s" agree with the thing it refers to. I note your suggestion for a lesson on these :) Merci et à bientôt !

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