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Question about Avant Que

RyC1Kwiziq community member

Question about Avant Que

Asked 2 years ago
ChrisC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor Correct answer

Hi Ry,

Avant que always takes the subjunctive, whether there is a change in subject or not. Note, that this isn't in contradiction to your rules.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).

RyC1Kwiziq community member

I was taught at school that Avant que takes subjunctive only when there is a change of subject. 

This is also confirmed here:

2-Deux sujets identiques+deux actions différentes=avant de+infinitif
Il fait sa toilette avant de prendre son petit déjeuner.

3-Deux sujets différents+deux actions différentes=avant que+subjonctif
Sandra est rentrée avant que la pluie commence à tomber.

However, it seems that in the examples on this website, Avant que always takes the subjunctive, regardless of whether there is a change in subject. 

For example: Avant que je n'aille chez Paula, je dois acheter des fleurs.

(Before I go to Paula's, I have to get some flowers)

What is the rule here? Or are both accepted? 

Question about Avant Que

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