question re kwiz question

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10 January 2019

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question re kwiz question

Bonjour:)  Would you please review the kwiz answer I missed in the above lesson?  I did not find any of the possible choices for an answer to be particularly applicable.  The actual answer seemed like it was l'imparfait situation in the past so I did not choose that one.  I knew "built" was not a verb used in the choice but it seemed to imply the present tense to me.  Anyway, many thanks for some clarification on this question at your convenience I hope?  Merci.

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French lesson "Faire partie de = To be part of"


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11 January 2019


Hi Robin, 

Can you re-post this question using your ‘Report it’ in your Correction Board as it links directly to the specific quiz and makes it easier to answer your query.


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