'tout' (everything) vs 'tous' or 'toutes' (all of them)


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28 March 2017

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'tout' (everything) vs 'tous' or 'toutes' (all of them)

'Tout' ('too') means 'everything, and its pronunciation must be distinguished from: 'Tous' ('toos') and 'toutes' ('toot') mean all of them. With these ('all of them') Here, there are 2 cases: 1. when used as the noun: (tous etaient content - all of them were happy-'toos'); 2. when used as an adjective of the noun 'they' (as in 'they all' or 'they were ll'): (ils etaient tous content - they were all happy - 'too') The weird one is 'ils l'ont tous eu' - they all passed - by the rule 'tous' should be pronounced 'too', but is pronounced 'toos' because of liaison. Is this correct?

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28 March 2017


Bonjour Michael ! Actually "tous" is always pronounced [toos]. The two cases are: "Ils étaient *tout* contents." where "tout" emphasises "contents" = They were *very/all* happy. "Ils étaient *tous* contents." here it goes with "ils" = They were *all (of them)* happy. In the second case, you'll always pronounce [tous]. I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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