Using le, la, les with body parts and clothing (definite articles)

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17 January 2019

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Using le, la, les with body parts and clothing (definite articles)

In another lesson, it talks about not using mon, ton etc but using le, la etc. with clothing and parts of the body. Therefore, would it be better to say

"Le manteau est pareil, et la cravate est pareille " rather than "Mon manteau est pareil, et ma cravate est pareille" 

or can you say both or does it depend upon context?



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23 March 2019


Hi Rachel,

I am not quite sure which other lesson you are referring to but in this example it just depends whether you are talking about ‘the coat ‘ and ‘the tie’ over there or ‘my coat/tie’ (the ones that belong to me).

So, yes you could say both depending on the context. The point of the lesson was how the adjective agrees with the noun...

Hope this helps!

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