What does sous mean

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What does sous mean

Asked 5 years ago
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Hi Merrilyn, 

In this case it is just ‘under’ . The text explains what a Raclette is -

 “....c’est un gros fromage sous un fil chauffant que l’on racle ....“

It is an enormous cheese wheel placed UNDER a heated element and you scrape the melted cheese into your plate, normally served with potatoes, charcuterie, and gherkins ...Delicious!

In a restaurant it is quite a spectacle but you can now buy a home raclette which you just plug in and is much easier to use..

Hope this helps!

CécileKwiziq team member

Hi Merrilyn,

Can you give the context as the word as different meanings...

MerrilynC1Kwiziq community member

It was in the dictée you last sent me. The topic was a great dinner on the ski hill. My mouth was watering over "La raclette".It had the cheese "sous " what I thought was the flame of a fondue set. That makes no sense to me.

MerrilynC1Kwiziq community member

Thank you so much for your reply. I could not get the picture. I have done cheese fondue where the cheese melts in a pot OVER a flame and one dips into the melted cheese in the  pot. I think I may try and find my fondue set and give it a try again. It was the rage In the 80s.

GruffKwiziq team member

Hi Merrilyn,

You may also want to add this lesson to your notebook

[competency id="201"]

so you can practise the main prepositions (including 'sous' and 'sur').

Oh, actually I've realised the confusion was the context and you're practising at B2/C1 mostly so this is too basic for you! I'll leave the link here anyway in case it's useful for anyone else.


What does sous mean

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