Why apostrophise?


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15 May 2016

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Why apostrophise?

I am aware of the general confusion between "des" the indefinite plural article and "des"="de"+"les" the combination of the "de" with the definite plural article. However, normally neither of them gets apostrophised. Whence the exception here?

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French lesson "D'autres vs des autres = Others (indefinite adjectives)"


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17 May 2016


Bonjour Almut !

That's a very interesting question, and thanks to you, we've now clarified this issue in the lesson.

In the case of d'autres, the partitive des follows the rule of becoming de or d' in front of an adjective (See https://progress.lawlessfrench.com/revision/grammar/use-de-d-instead-of-des-in-front-of-adjectives-preceding-nouns-partitive-article), hence d'autres <choses> and not des autres <choses>.

We've now updated the lesson.
Merci beaucoup et à bientôt !

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