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Why is it grand-chose and not grande-chose?

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Kwiziq community member

29 December 2017

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Why is it grand-chose and not grande-chose?

This relates to:
Ne ... pas grand-chose = Not much (negation) -


Kwiziq community member

30 December 2017


Because grand-chose in an adverb and not a noun.


Kwiziq community member

1 January 2018


Thanks for your reply Jim and happy new year!


Kwiziq language super star

28 February 2018


Hi Dory,

I can see your point since "chose" being feminine the logical deduction would be that "grand" should be "grande".

However, the expression "pas grand-chose " is always like that. Apparently in olden French it would have been spelt "grand'chose" which normally indicates there's a letter missing but in modern French we just accept the expression is "grand-chose" and don't bat an eyelid!

Hope this helps!




Kwiziq community member

2 March 2018


Thanks Cécile, that's helpful. Does the same go for grand-mère?

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