Why Le instead of La

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21 July 2018

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Why Le instead of La

I found a sentence "elle fait *une bonne tarte aux fruits et elle invite des amis pour *le goûter" in the dictation exercise that I took today. In this case, why they use "le" for "une bonne tarte aux fruits"?


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24 July 2018


Hi Win,

It is 'le goûter' as it means the tea time meal but I do agree that it is somewhat misleading...


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25 July 2018


Bonjour Win !

Here it depends what you're meaning to say:

She's inviting some friends to taste it   -> pour la goûter

She's inviting some friends for tea time   -> pour le goûter

Both are equally correct, just meaning different things ;)

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !


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21 January 2019


Thanks! That makes sense, but I had never heard of "le goûter" as teatime.

(thought the French left tea time to the Brits!)

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