about subjunctive


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9 October 2016

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about subjunctive

I encountered this sentence: Si intelligent soit-il, il ne pourra réussir ce concours étant donné son peu de préparation. Is this another way of creating a sentence with subjunctive? Thank you very much.

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11 October 2016


Bonjour Umi ! Yes indeed, the Subjunctive mood is used in a lot of different structures, expressing uncertainty or doubt. In this one, it's the hypothesis that he is clever enough, but the speaker cannot be 100% sure, hence the use of subjunctive. I hope that's helpful!


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12 October 2016


Dear Aurélie, Thank you very much for your response! Very helpful!!! I guessed that it was a subjective due to the usage of "soit", but I've never seen that particular "form" in the grammar books. Thank you again!!! Umi ps It is not -1 vote! It is ++1vote!!

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