Along the lines of the "ce que" versus "quel" question...


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6 May 2016

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Along the lines of the "ce que" versus "quel" question...

Along the lines of the "ce que" versus "que" question, must the question "Ce qui fait peur ici?" always begin with "ce que" because the answer is unknown (not mentioned previously?) even though it refers to a noun and not a phrase/sentence? If so, when can a question begin with Quel? Only if the answer was already mentioned?

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6 May 2016


Bonjour Joyance !

First of all, Ce qui fait peur ici ? is not correct, because as you need to have the element referred to by ce qui / ce que (what, which) mentioned in the same sentence.

Therefore, to ask "What/Who is scary here?", you will use the interrogative pronoun Que or Qui, as such:
Qu'est-ce qui fait peur ici ?  (for undetermined)
Qui fait peur ici ?    (for a person)

To which you could answer:
Ce qui fait peur ici, c'est qu'il fait noir.    (What is scary here is that it's dark.)

As for Quel?, it is used in questions where a specific choice is presented: it means "what" in the sense of "which (one)?" here.
E.g. Quelle chose fait peur ?  (What thing is scary?)
       Lequel fait peur ?   (Which one is scary?)

I hope that's helpful.

ly fen

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8 May 2016


Hello, Can we also use "quoi"? like "de quoi fait peur ici?" Thanks in advance.

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