d'autres or des autres


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28 January 2018

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d'autres or des autres

In the test " Il exprime sa haine des autres ardemment . He expresses his hate for others ardently." Is this not "the others" because it is des rather than d'

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29 January 2018


As I understand it, "des autres" are "the others" and I know no other way how to say this. However: Des autres ordinateurs -- The other computers. D'autres ordinateurs -- Other computers. When you use "autres" as a noun by itself, as in your example "sa haine des autres" you need the article and hence "de + les = des". If "autres" is used as an adjective as in "autres ordinateurs" you can either include the article (des autres ordinateurs = the other computers) or not (d'autres ordinateurs = other computers). -- Chris (not a native speaker).


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30 January 2018


Bonjour Dragana !

Here it's due to the fact that in French when you talk about things in general - here "others/other people" in general - you need to use the definite article (le, la, l', les), hence the use of des, and not d' .

See also https://progress.lawlessfrench.com/revision/grammar/use-le-la-l-or-les-before-nouns-when-generalising-definite-articles

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !

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