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Depressingly poor comprehnsion

IanB1Kwiziq community member

Depressingly poor comprehnsion

I think the more I listen to French, the worse I get...

I'm so depressed!

Asked 1 year ago
CélineKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Bonjour Ian,

Barrie is right: Don't give up! "Rien n'est inaccessible, tout est possible!" ;-)

Mastering listening skills is a continuous process (and, yes, it can feel as if it is a very long can). The more you listen to the French language (podcasts, radio shows, French songs etc.) the better your "ear" will be trained and the more confident you'll get too.

It is the same for any language: I do recall listening to English songs / radio shows  and watching films after films when I was learning English in high school/university. It might feel like a huge mountain top you're far from reaching but (believe me!) it is achievable. The more practice, the better!

Here are links you might find useful:






Other ones: Arte.fr - France Info - Streaming services etc

Bonne journée !

BarrieC1Kwiziq community member

Nil desperandum Ian! Je suis un vieux debris and after 15 years still don't consider myself competent!  I console myself with the knowledge that whilst I'm still struggling, at least the mental ativity is keeping altzeimers at bay!

WhiteA2Kwiziq Q&A regular contributor

Moi aussi pour les sentiments et la raison d'être (Alzheimer).  Je suis étudiante (une amatrice) depuis 7 ans.    Here's some good, brief podcasts with transcripts:  RFI Le Journal en Français Facile (10 minutes.  They also offer quizzes on their website.) Louis French Lessons and Learn French with daily podcasts (produced by Choses à Savoir, 3 minutes with French & English transcripts),  LanguaTalk Slow French  (also has a transcript).  

Depressingly poor comprehnsion

I think the more I listen to French, the worse I get...

I'm so depressed!

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